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Air Force Staff Sgt. David A. Wieger lost his life protecting countless other soldiers and civilians Nov. 1, 2007 in Iraq. But that is only a portion of what defined this man.

There are many ways to describe what Dave Wieger meant to those who were fortunate to have him enter their lives. Friends will tell you he was loyal. Females will tell you he was irresistible. Family will tell you he was a handful. Fellow soldiers would tell you he was a patriot. Everyone will tell you he was a regular guy capable of extraordinary things!

A member of the United State Air Force Office of Special Investigations, Dave was part of an elite investigative unit that examined road-side bombings. OSI has been characterized as the "FBI" of the Air Force. In just two months in Iraq, Dave's efforts helped lead to the capture of over 20 individuals responsible for this attack. Dave thrived on doing this dangerous work.

But perhaps Dave's biggest legacy was his charity. While serving in Iraq, Dave organized efforts to provide books, crayons and toys for the children of Balad, Iraq. We hope to be able to continue Dave's work through The Dave Wieger Memorial Fund.


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